What Are Essential Oils

What Is An Essential Oil? What Are Essential Oils Used For?

​What Is An Essential Oil?

​In this article we are going to explain exactly what is an essential oil and what essential oils are used for today. We recommend watching some of the short videos to get a better idea of how they are used and all about the possible benefits they may have.

​Check Out This Short Video Explanation Of Essential Oils

​Simply put Essential Oils are naturally occurring highly concentrated volatile aromatic compounds, found in the flowers, roots, stems, bark, resin or seeds of plants and certain trees.

Volatile meaning it can change it's state very quickly, when the essential oil mixes with air. It's molecules can evaporate into a gaseous state and be inhaled.

There are over 3000 identified varieties of these aromatic compounds each different from one another, and can have a different effect.

These natural occurring compounds are then extracted from the plants, trees, fruits or flowers by means of water / steam distillation, cold pressing or by other various methods. The end result is highly concentrated and potent oil substance which has many various health, wellness, emotional and physical application benefits.

What are Essential Oils? How Are Essential Oils Used?

Essential Oil use has been documented throughout history dating back to pre-biblical times. Read all about the history of essential oils.

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular today as people are looking more towards natural ways of taking care of their health and well-being.

The popularity of plant based diets and natural organic therapies are on the up and up. People are moving away from traditional western fast food diets and harsh chemical personal care products that have been shown to have detrimental effects on the body.

​With this new found popularity a lot of companies have jumped on the band wagon so to speak and many brands of essential oils have entered the market.

If you are thinking of using essential oils as a natural wellness therapy, please make sure to do your own research into finding an essential oil that is 100% pure! free from pesticides, herbicides and harsh chemical fillers.

​Different companies have different ways of sourcing their oils, also standards, quality, production methods and efficacy can differ greatly, so please be aware and put the effort in when choosing a company to purchase oils from.

We of course have already chosen to work with an amazing company that produce a 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil and that company is called dōTERRA.

Essential Oils By dōTERRA

What Are Essential Oils Used For?​​​​​​

There are many ways essential oils are in use today, here is a short list of these uses.

  • Pharmacology And Medical
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Reflex Therapy And Reflexology
  • Health And Well-being
  • Natural Therapy
  • Cooking / Baking
  • Cosmetics

​Have a read of this beginners guide to using essential oils and learn how to implement them into a natural way of taking care of your own health and well-being.

Watch How This U.S Hospital Has Implemented The Use Of Essential Oils Into Every Day Health Care.

​Henderson Hospital Offering Unique Alternatives To Pain Medication

Essential Oils A Gift Of The Earth

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