What Is Frankincense Essential Oil

What Is Frankincense Essential Oil? How To Use Frankincense Oil, And The Top 15 Benefits

​Frankincense Essential Oil

​In this article you will learn all about what Is Frankincense Essential Oil? You will also learn all about Frankincense Essential Oil Uses, The Top 15 Benefits and Why Frankincense Oil is called The King Of Essential Oils.

​Frankincense has been documented throughout history as being used for it's therapeutic and beautifying benefits for thousands of years. 

There is documented evidence of this highly sought after oil as being traded on the Arabian peninsula up to 5000 years ago. Everyone from The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and even as far as China have been known to have traded this powerful aromatic substance for it's medicinal properties.

Frankincense was just as expensive as gold back then and could fetch a hefty price on the market. Southern Arabia was once seen as one of the richest places on earth due to the Frankincense trade.

The ​3 Wise Men

3 Wise Men Bringing Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh To Baby Jesus

​One of the most popular and widely known documented stories in history of Frankincense usage can be found referenced in the bible.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were brought to the baby Jesus at his birth and given as a gift. The 3 Kings or wise men followed a star in the sky which led them to the stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Check out more on essential oil history.

​Frankincense is also documented across a lot of other different religions, used as an anointing oil and in a variety of religious ceremonies and practices.

What Is Frankincense Essential Oil?

Frankincense or also known as "Olibanum" (Latin name - meaning "gum of frankincense") is a powerful, potent yet mild aromatic resin derived from the Boswellia tree.

There are literally dozens of types of species of the Boswellia tree, but there are generally only 4 species that produce the resin from which Frankincense Essential Oil is actually made from.

4 Types Of Boswellia Tree That Make Frankincense Oil

  1. Frereana
  2. Carterii
  3. Sacra
  4. Papyrifera
Frankincense Tree Harvesting

Where Does Frankincense Oil Come From?

​Today the majority (over 80%) of the worlds production of Frankincense Oil is said to come from Somalia in Eastern Africa. There are other regions to name just a few, where it is also in production such as:  

  • Oman
  • ​Sudan
  • ​Yemen
  • Ethiopia ​

How Is Frankincense Essential Oil Made?

Let's start at the beginning of the production chain where the resin is first harvested and then eventually turned into the amazing essential oil we can purchase and use today.

Firstly the bark from the Boswellia tree is gently chipped or sliced to open a wound in the tree. A method which is called "Tapping". 

Harvesting Frankincense Tree Tapping

After a number of wounds or small holes are made in the bark, a white milky sap then bleeds from underneath the bark, these are known as "tears". The harvester will then leave the sap or "tears" to dry out and return to the Boswellia tree at a later stage.

Frankincense Tears
Boswellia Tree Sap

​Once the tears have dried out and turned into a hard yellow/brownish colored resin, only then will the harvester begin collecting the resin.

Harvesting Frankincense Resin

The now hard Frankincense resin will be cleaned, sorted and separated into batches which can then be brought to market. 

Frankincense Resin

​Frankincense essential oil is made by distilling this resin harvested from the Boswelllia tree by way of steam distillation methods.

Distilling Frankincense Essential Oil

The Essential Oil that is produced from the Boswellia tree is highly regarded and has a very powerful aroma with a broad spectrum and variety of uses.

Frankincense Aromatic Description

  • Woody
  • Warm
  • Spicy
  • Earthy
  • Clean


​How Can Frankincense Oil Be Used?

​There are 3 ways Frankincense Oil can be used. ​

  • Aromatically
  • Topically
  • Internally

​When we refer to internal use of the essential oil, we are referring to a particular brand called dōTERRA which we highly recommend using. Some other brands may or may not be made to a 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and may not be meant for ingestion at all. Care must be taken as to what oils may be taken internally and we urge you to do some research into quality and purity of the essential oil that you may choose to use.

​Why dōTERRA Frankincense Oil?

Aromatic Use

​One of the most popular ways to use this amazingly powerful oil is to diffuse it in an aromatic diffuser. Place 3 to 4 drops into the difusser for feelings of peace and an overall sense of mental wellness throughout the day. Mixed with Peppermint oil makes an uplifting blend.

​Another way to use the oil aromatically would be to place a drop or two on the palms of your hands and rub your hands together, then cup your hands around your nose and mouth (taking care not to get any essential oil in your eyes) and directly inhale to promote better lung function.

Topical Use

​To use the oil topically a drop or two can be placed directly onto the skin where needed, mixed with a carrier oil. Some people have sensitive skin so a carrier oil maybe needed to dilute the oil. One example of a carrier oil would be fractionated coconut oil, which is an excellent carrier oil to use to dilute essential oils.

Placing a drop or two on the soles of the feet works well as there is a large concentration of nerve endings in the feet connected to the whole body, the skin on the foot is also thicker and will slow release the oil over a longer period of time to help stimulate relaxation and balance the mood.

​The bottom of the feet is probably the best way to apply topically to children.​ It is always recommended to use a carrier oil when applying oils to children.

​Placing a drop or two directly onto agitated muscles, tissues and joints to support better function.

Applying Frankincense directly onto the skin as part of a daily beauty regime may help reduce the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenate the skin and help support the normal aging process.

Internal Use

​The oil can be put into a veggie capsule and taken internally to help support healthy cell function, support the health of the liver and digestive system.

It can be used internally to help support the whole of the musculoskeletal system, structural tissues and bones.

A drop or two can also be placed under the tongue as another option to help support healthy inflammatory responses.

​Essential Oil Usage Tips

  1. Find a method which you are most comfortable with and suits your body's needs and remember consistency is key to successful use. 
  2. Always remember! Less is more!!! These oils are very potent volatile aromatic compounds that are highly concentrated so only a drop or two at a time is ever needed.  
  3. Always use a carrier oil to see how your body reacts.
  4. ​Seek proper medical advice if unsure about any condition you have before adding a new wellness regime.  

​If you are a complete essential oil novice and would like to start and learn from the beginning, check out our Essential Oil For Beginners Guide.

​Check Out How Dr David Hill Recommends Using Frankincense Essential Oil

​Frankincense The King Of Essential Oils

​Why is Frankincense called "The King Of Essential Oils" I hear you ask?

Simply put I think it's because of the broad spectrum and wide variety of uses that it has. It is extremely versatile and can be used from everything from beauty to wellness  and it's applications are limitless.

It has been in use for literally thousands of years and is highly revered and regarded for it's medicinal properties.

It's distinct and powerful aroma is just incredible, it certainly has a very regal or royal feeling about it. 

In my opinion Frankincense truly deserves the title of The King Of Essential Oils and is one of my absolute favourite oils.

Top 15 Frankincense Oil Benefits

Frankincense Oil Benefits

  1. Promotes Healthy Skin
  2. Helps Healthy Inflammatory Responses
  3. Adds Protective Support To Healthy Cell Function
  4. Supports The Whole Musculoskeletal System
  5. Promotes Healthy Lung Function
  6. Supports Normal Aging Process
  7. Supports Healthy Structural Tissues And Bones
  8. Promotes The Health Of The Liver And Digestive System
  9. Benefits The Entire Family
  10. Promotes The Feelings Of Peace And Overall Mental Wellness
  11. Supports Healthy Joints, Muscles, And Ligaments
  12. May Reduce The Appearance Of Blemishes
  13. ​Helps To Rejuvenate Skin
  14. Positive Effects On Emotional And Cognitive Function
  15. Helps To Support Appropriate Neurochemical Responses And Endocrine System As A Whole
Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil Caution

Always use caution when using this oil and any essential oil. Use a carrier oil and use sparingly to begin with until you find out how your body reacts to it's use.

Frankincense may or may not be suited to your personal circumstances, always seek professional medical advice before using as part of your healthcare regime. Not suitable for use during pregnancy or when nursing.

​Learn How dōTERRA Source Frankincense Essential Oil

dōTERRA are committed to sourcing and supplying only 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) unadulterated Essential Oils. dōTERRA are also committed to helping local communities where the the raw materials are sourced.

They have created an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing where they deal directly with the harvesters and farmers themselves. They have taken out the middle sales men, so that more of the money can directly benefit the local farmers, harvesters and communities.

Learn all about how Co-Impact sourcing has worked with local Frankincense farmers and harvesters in the video below.

​How I Personally Use Frankincense Essential Oil

Hi this is Des here, Frankincense oil is probably one of my very favourite essential oils. My first purchase of essential oils was a dōTERRA touch kit, which contains 9 of the most popular essential oils already mixed with fractionated coconut oil, for easy topical usage. You can read how I got started here.

When I first received my kit I had a lot of fun experimenting and smelling the oils. I quickly fell in love with Frankincense because of the soothing peaceful effect it had on me. It is a truly magical oil and deserves the title of "The King Of Essential Oils".

Here are just a few ways I like to use Frankincense oil:

  • ​To calm my mind and bring a peaceful feeling over me when I'm travelling. I like to place a couple drops in the palm of my hands and I will rub it on my neck and as the oil heats up on my skin the fragrance becomes more intense and calms me throughout the day.
  • ​I take a couple drops under my tongue to support my immune system if I feel like I am getting a cold of flu.
  • ​I like to apply the oil on my skin to help me reduce the appearance of my acne scars and blemishes.
  • I like to diffuse the oil for mindfulness when I'm stressed, when I need to relax, meditate and gather my thoughts. I like it to place 4-5 drops in my diffuser.
  • ​Frankincense is my go to oil for sore muscles or joints. I rub a couple drops directly on the area I need support.

​We hope you like our article on​ What is Frankincense Essential Oil and we hope you have a better understanding of this amazingly powerful essential oil. Please feel free to share this article and add how you use Frankincense oil in the comment section below.

Stay Healthy Folks


  1. I have been using DoTERRA Essential Oils for a few years now including the shampoo, conditioner & toothpaste. After 20 minutes of “oil pulling”, flossing & brushing my teeth I complete my daily routine by placing a drop of Frankincense & Digest Zen under my tongue for my overall immune system & I find this works for me, especially in the winter season.

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