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There Are 3​​​ Ways To Purchase Essential Oils!

Purchase Essential Oils 3 Ways

​Retail   -   Nobody Pays Retail Prices!!!!!!! It's Too Expensive!   x

Wholesale  -  25% Discount On Retail Prices. Smart Way To Order!

Better Than Wholesale  -  25% Discounted Price + Up To 30% Back In Loyalty Rewards Points. Smartest Way To Order!

Wholesale Account

It really pays to open your very own wholesale account to purchase essential oils with dōTERRA. When you sign up for your account you immediately receive your 25% discount off retail prices. 

In addition to this amazing discount, you also have the option to purchase through the Loyalty Rewards Program or (LRP). The longer you are purchasing through the LRP the more you earn back in rewards points, up to a maximum of 30% back in points after 12 months.

Loyalty Rewards Points = FREE Oils!

dōTERRA LRP Loyalty Rewards Program

​Benefits Of A Wholesale Customer VS Retail Customer

dōTERRA Retail Customer VS Wholesale Customer

Every essential oil or product you purchase from dōTERRA has it's own Personal Volume or (PV) number assigned to it. PV values are different from product cost.

doterra LRP Rewards Program

Depending what country you are signing up from the cost of opening a yearly wholesale account is approx €20/$25/£20 +VAT in some Countries. Total cost for opening an account in Ireland for example is roughly €32

               You Can Sign Up From Most Countries. Get In touch With Me For Any Help Opening Your Account.

Check Out The Most Popular Starter Enrollment Kits That Eliminate The Sign Up Fee And Save You Even More!! 

​How To Open Your Wholesale Account In 4 Easy Steps!

1, Select Language & Country

Open Your Wholesale Account

​2, Select Wellness Customer        Or Wellness Advocate

Choose Account Type

​3, Enter Personal Details

Enter Personal Details

​4, Select Enrollment Kit & Pay

Select Enrollment Kit

Open Your dōTERRA Wholesale Account!​​​​​​

dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards

If you sign up for your wholesale account through this website you will receive a complementary Essential Oil Class to teach you how to use your new oils. You will also be given exclusive access to 2 Facebook groups and communities!

Open Your dōTERRA Wholesale Account Now!

If you need help opening your wholesale account or have and questions or queries regarding the Loyalty Rewards Program or The Products of the month, please feel free to get in touch through the contact page.