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Lavender Oil

Top 25 Lavender Oil Benefits, Uses And How Lavender Essential Oil Is Made

​Lavender Oil Benefits And Uses​Lavender Oil has been highly regarded for thousands of years for it’s amazingly calming, peaceful and unforgettable floral aroma along with it’s many therapeutic benefits, and it’s use has been well documented throughout history. Today Lavender Oil is still in use now more than ever, as it is such a versatile […]

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Top 30 Peppermint Oil Uses And Benefits

Top 30 Peppermint Oil Benefits Uses And How Peppermint Essential Oil Is Made?

​Peppermint Oil Benefits And Uses​Peppermint Oil Benefits have been widely known throughout history and the oil has been in use for thousands of years. We are going to try and answer a few questions that you have asked about Peppermint Essential Oil in this article like : What are Peppermint Oil Uses? What are Peppermint […]

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What Is Frankincense Essential Oil

What Is Frankincense Essential Oil? How To Use Frankincense Oil, And The Top 15 Benefits

​Frankincense Essential Oil​In this article you will learn all about what Is Frankincense Essential Oil? You will also learn all about Frankincense Essential Oil Uses, The Top 15 Benefits and Why Frankincense Oil is called The King Of Essential Oils.​Frankincense has been documented throughout history as being used for it’s therapeutic and beautifying benefits for […]

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What Are Essential Oils

What Is An Essential Oil? What Are Essential Oils Used For?

​What Is An Essential Oil?​In this article we are going to explain exactly what is an essential oil and what essential oils are used for today. We recommend watching some of the short videos to get a better idea of how they are used and all about the possible benefits they may have.​Check Out This […]

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How Do I Use Essential Oils? A Beginners Guide To Using Essential Oils Safely And Effectively

​How Do I Use Essential Oils?We will delve into the 3 main ways of using essential oils in great detail in this article to help you use them correctly and safely to get the maximum wellness benefits as possible. As you know each one of us are different, essential oils can have a different effect on […]

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Essential Oil History

The History Of Essential Oils And How Long Have Essential Oils Been Around?

The History Of Essential Oils​The history of essential oils is engraved in our culture, this is something quite spectacular with the term essential oils becoming a household topic across the modern world today.  Although you may see them mentioned more in popular culture now than you have in the past, they have been around much longer […]

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